Banele coffee sets to soar above all others to provide customers the platform to purchase and enjoy some of the finest roasted 100% Kenya AA grade coffee from the coffee regions in Kenya at the comfort of their preferred locations.

Founded by 3 engineers with roots in Africa and with direct lineage to some of Kenyan's refined coffee growers, we have come to warmly embrace the American coffee lifestyle and we believe the ability to indulge in the finest and best quality coffee products the world has to offer should not be defined by price or location.

Banele coffee caters to customers who love to brew their own cup of coffee at any time, on their own terms for a reasonable price. 

We are entirely founders owned.

Here at Banele, we pride ourselves in efforts in any way possible, geared towards supporting the lives of members of the bottom of the period (BOP) who make up about a 3rd of the world’s population.

We achieve this by targeting and outsourcing our raw products from the finest coffee regions of the world that boasts of hard working farmers who thrive to support their communities. Primarily from the mountainous coffee regions of Kenya known for growing one of the finest coffee grades with a  "Bold and Fruity flavor".

In so doing we also believe our operations will inadvertently contribute to the 2 key attributes mostly revered by customers and business owners alike;              

Sustainability &  Compliance in the coffee industry

Join us on this mission when you purchase our products. Your purchase indirectly supports the bottom tier, providing that sense of empowerment among coffee farmers worldwide.