House Name: NYATI

Coffee Grade: Kenyan AA

Roast: Medium

Grind: Fine

Taste Profile

  • Our cold brew is medium roasted and finely grind to bring out all the fruity and great aroma typical of specialty coffee beans from the mountains of Kenya.
  • It is less acidic, exceptionally smooth, and perfect for coffee enthusiasts who have discovered the love for cold brew.
  • A good to go drink in the morning and for the “not morning people”, this cold brew is a total game-changer.


 Brewing Tips: Cold Brew; Pre-packaged in filter bags (pouches)

  • This product is highly recommended for coffee enthusiasts who have discovered a love for cold brew.
  • Ease of preparation makes it ideal for customers who do not own coffee making machines. One of the key reasons coffee snubs are having a change of heart and are raving over it.
  • For simplicity, all one needs to enjoy a cup of cold brew is a container with a lid such as a mason jar.

Brewing Instructions: Pour 12-16 oz of cold water over the filter bag. Let it soak for 6-10 hrs in your refrigerator, pour over ice and add creamer if desired.

    Fun Facts

    • Named after the cap buffalo (in Swahili), one of the big five animals and an endangered specie in the safari regions and most revered for its strength.
    Cold Brew Kenya AA-12oz/16oz

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