House Name: DUMA

Coffee Grade: Kenyan AA

Roast: Dark

Grind: Whole Beans

Taste Profile

  • Our dark roasts will typically have a stronger aroma and smoky taste with a substantially reduced amount of caffeine. 
  • An ideal pick for consumers who want to enjoy a cup of coffee but are mindful of their caffeine and acidity intolerance.
  • For customers who want to try their hands on at home coffee grinding, this product provides just that. Perfect for DYI customers.

Brewing Tips

  • You want to be gentle to ensure you do not over-extract and get flavors you do not want. The extraction process is typical: acids – sugars – bitters and then astringency.
  • Keep water temperature to not more than 1950F to prevent bitter, astringent flavor.
  • We recommend a brewing time of not more than 20sec for best taste.
  • Both the lower temperature and the shorter brew time help reduce some of the bitter aspects of our dark roasts.
  • Fine grinds will have more surface exposure for maximum extraction of the coffee flavor compared to extra coarse grinds so adjust your brewing time to your taste level.

    Fun Facts

    • Named after the Cheetah (in Swahili) and one of the big five animals in the safari regions. Most revered for its speed, agility, fearlessness, and power.
    • Arguably the fastest land mammal on earth reaching a top speed of 50 to 80 mph
    • The Cheetah symbolism can be interpreted as a warning to be aware of spreading yourself a bit too thin and thus the need to keep yourself focused on your direction and goal. 
    • Living by its name, this product provides customers the option to control their grinding preferences. 
    • It is no surprise that consumers who prefer low caffeine content and acidity reach for this product 


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        Dark Roast Kenya AA-12oz/16oz

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